What to Expect with Expungement in Texas

felony expungement in texas

felony expungement in Texas

Like every other state, Texas has its own set of rules and regulations that decides who qualifies for the procedure of expungement in Texas. The chance to live a normal life is everyone’s right even for people who have been charged with a petty crime. While a person may easily build a whole new image for himself by changing his ways, the ability to equally qualify for important opportunities in society may be restricted. Criminal records being freely available for public viewing may pose as a problem especially when:

  • You’re trying to move to another country or even just another state
  • You Want to adopt a child
  • You’re hunting for a job
  • You need to rent a house or apartment
  • You need of a loan from the bank


Luckily, almost every state allows you to expunge your records or seal them in some way as defined by their own laws. With expungement in Texas, only those who meet the following criteria may apply for it:


Rules for expungement in Texas

  • Those who were tried and acquitted or were found to be guilty but was later pardoned, may apply for expungement.
  • If you were guilty of a misdemeanor but have successfully completed your pretrial intervention, then you may apply to expunge your record
  • If you were falsely accused of a crime and can produce evidence of the same, then you may qualify for expungement too.
  • You may apply for expungement if the statute of limitation after the crime, has expired
  • If the case has been closed, you’re completely clear of all charges and haven’t even been sentenced to community service, then you may feel free to get your criminal record expunged
  • If you’d been convicted of a crime but have zero charges against you in the 5 years prior to your arrest, then you may apply for expungement although the seriousness of your first crime would be taken into account first.


Unlike most states, Texas doesn’t just seal your criminal record from public view. It destroys all records even those that were privy to the law enforcers of the state. This includes the reports created by the police and also the prosecution, records reserved by the jail, and the court files on your case. In other words, you’ll be allowed to a fresh new start in life. You needn’t ever have to even mention being accused of such a crime at a time in your past, unless you’re required to answer questions under oath in regards to the case you had expunged from your record.


Felony expungement, Texas

Like most states, Texas doesn’t allow those charged of heinous crimes like murder, sexual assault, or crimes against minors, to be eligible for expungement. However, other less serious felony charges may be allowed to be excused, but that depends upon the case and your standing in it.


Expungement forms, Texas


The expungement forms to apply for a clean record will be available in court, with an attorney, or an organization that has been certified to deal in the same. However, before you acquire the form one may need to determine their eligibility for expungement by analyzing the Texas laws. Then you have to acquire a copy of your criminal record, which will be sent to the court along with the expungement form and other necessary documents.

Once your file has been received, a hearing would be scheduled where it will be decided if you should be allowed to possess a clean record or not.


 Expungement in Texas, cost


The cost of getting your criminal record expunged may vary depending upon the court and the case in question. It could range from around $350 to over $1000. However, one can never put a price on the opportunity to live the life of a free man. No amount is too big for that.

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