Puerto Rico Criminal Records Expunge Kit

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Everyone deserves a second chance in life, even people who have once broken the laws. A one-time regrettable mistake should not cost a person excellent opportunities in the future. One of the most dreaded questions people with criminal past have to deal with throughout their life is the question: “Have you ever been previously convicted of a crime?

This question mostly comes up in extremely important situations such as when applying for a fantastic job, college, graduate school, and the military. In most cases, the answer to this question might be the difference between getting the individual’s application approved or rejected. Thus, having a criminal past is usually expensive in such instances.

Well, the law recognized the importance of second chances. This is why the law forgives some people who have a history of crime by giving them a chance to erase their past misdemeanors and transgressions. So, how does the law gives people a clean break from their past? The law does this by allowing people to eliminate their past misdeeds, arrests, and convictions from their history in a process called “expungement.”

Expungement gives people whose past are tainted with crimes to remove any such trace from their life. When this process is successful, an individual can claim that he has no criminal past. By erasing any trace of arrest, conviction, and misdemeanors with the law from his life, the individual can confidently and answer the question “have been convicted of any crime in the past” with a resounding NO. Thus, the erasing of past criminal documentations gives people with a criminal past the chance to start afresh again.

Deleting of criminal record is a very power legal tool and it is usually order by a court of law. Once a criminal file has been deleted by a court of law, the police does not have access to the file. Before the police can have access to such documents again, a new court order will have to be obtained. This is why the the obliteration of a dented criminal past allows a person to affirm that he has not been convicted previously. No one has any access to the person’s criminal past.

However, not everyone with a criminal past is eligible to apply for expungement. The process varies from state to state. In Puerto Rico, crimes like DUIs, violent felony, sexual assaults, and rapes cannot be erased. Furthermore, people who have been on the wrong side of the law for multiple times do not have a chance of getting their criminal past erased from their history. For those whose record has been previously deleted, they cannot enjoy the benefits of erasing their criminal history again. People who fall into this categories are the people whose application for expunction will not be considered by the law courts in Puerto Rico.

In order to expunge record in Puerto Rico, a person does not need to hire the services of a lawyer. The first step to erasing any trace of transgressions with the law from public places is request for information about the original court case. An individual interested in wiping out his record from public places can request a copy of his court case or documentation of the arrest from the clerk of the court in which he was tried and convicted. Once the individual has this information, he can kick-start the process of wiping out his criminal past from the archives.

The individual needs to have a detail knowledge of Puerto Rico expungement procedures. There are certain documents and information that must be submitted to the court before it will begin to review the application for the deletion of criminal files from the public archive. Well, there are expungement kits designed for Puerto Rico citizens to help them through the process. These informative, detailed, and easy-to-understand expunction kits will simplify the process for people who want to erase their past transgressions with the law. These kits will be of great help to people who don’t want their past to keep haunting them.

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