Ohio Criminal Records Expunge Kit

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In Ohio, it is possible to get criminal violations removed from your record. There are several factors that come into play when trying to get an Ohio expungement. By understanding why it is so important to have a clean criminal background, knowing the rules in Ohio, and the steps that you must take to get your background clean, you should be able to help someone you know or yourself get through the process.
A criminal past can hinder many aspects of your life. Many employers do criminal background checks and will not hire individuals who have committed certain crimes. Housing is another aspect of life that can be affected by a criminal background. Some licenses available in the state will also not be available to you if crimes show up on your background check. Even when appearing in court as a witness, juries may find your testimony unbelievable. With all these factors that will hinder your life and your future, it is a good idea to expunge record in Ohio.
There are many rules that can qualify or disqualify you from having an Ohio expungement. First, the type of crime committed cannot be a rape, sexual battery, corrupting a minor, gross sexual imposition, sexual imposition, obscenity involving a minor, pornography involving a minor, illegal use of a minor in pornography, all driver’s license violations, motor vehicle violations, bail forfeitures in traffic cases, misdemeanors of the first degree or felonies where the victim is under 18, felonies of the first or the second degree, and violent offences that are misdemeanors of the first degree of felonies. If your offence does not fall into any of those categories, then there is still a possibility that you can get your past cleared.
Next, if the conviction that you want to erase did not involve a mandatory prison term it is still possible to clear your criminal background. You may also only have one felony conviction. Felonies that are sent to court together, involving the same crime, count as one felony. Two separate misdemeanor convictions is the limit when it comes to smaller crimes but they cannot be the same crime charged two separate times. If you have one felony you cannot have more than one misdemeanor or you are rendered ineligible. If you still qualify there are still more requirements before you can erase your background.
If charged with a crime considered a felony, three years must pass after you have completed probation or parole to apply. If a misdemeanor, a year must pass after the termination of the case before you can apply. You must not have any criminal or traffic charges that are pending against you either. The last requirement is that you have never had another charge expunged in the past. If you have passed all the requirements to expunge record in Ohio, then you can continue on to the steps that will clean your criminal background for good.
The first step is getting a copy of the final order of the charge in which you are getting sealed. You will need to fill out a few forms that will be sent to the judge. There is a $50 court cost that you will need to pay as well. After you have filled out the forms and gotten the $50, turn these all in to the Clerk of Courts in the court you were convicted in. You will have a hearing where you plead to the judge the reasons that you should have your criminal past cleared. The judge will either give you a decision in Court or take some time to think about the decision.
By understanding the importance of getting your background cleared, knowing the requirements for eligibility, and following the correct steps, you will be able to try to clean your slate and get on with your life. There is no guarantee that the judge will go in your favor but it is worth the chance to get your past wiped clean.

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