North Carolina Criminal Records Expunge Kit

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We have all done things we live to regret. Most of these things are corrected with an apology, a payback, or some other form of repentance. Some regrets are a bit more serious and have documented proof of something you really wished you would have not done. Having an arrest or criminal offense on your permanent public record is serious and can prevent you from obtaining a loan, landing a job, or qualifying for certain certificates. If you are in this position, there is a website with a solution. In many states the court allows you to expunge or seal your record by following a filing procedure. To clarify the difference between the two, when expunged your record is destroyed whereas if it is sealed it is removed from public view.

An arrest is public information, whether you were convicted or not and even if the charges were later dropped or dismissed. In most circumstances, having your criminal information deleted allows you to legally deny it ever happened. As with most states, an expunge record in North Carolina means you have properly petitioned the court for relief by applying for a Certificate of Eligibility. Once eligibility has been determined, it will be processed and filed in the county court where the criminal charges originated. After the proper court filings are submitted, signatures obtained and approval from a judge it is ready for the hearing. Once granted, from judgment of the court, all Government agencies that have this documentation are notified to destroy or seal the information. Now you do NOT have to say you were arrested for that offense. You will not have to complete the criminal history section on job applications or certification forms. This information will not show up on background checks. You will be able send out notifications to remove that document from public databases.

The procedure can be complicated and expensive. You may not be eligible for this process depending on the seriousness of the crime. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor other than traffic can eliminate you from eligibility. Let us provide you with a filing kit to guide you through the process without hiring a costly lawyer. There is a qualifying questionnaire to assist you with determining whether or not you are eligible to erase this regretful event. All the necessary forms and step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process to regain your self worth.

Each situation and criminal individual is unique, just as the laws in each state. Regarding a North Carolina expungement, there are convictions that are not eligible including Class A-G Felonies, sex related offenses, and certain drug related offenses. Many regrettable misdemeanors occur as a young Minor, under the age of 18. After waiting two years following the conviction or the end of probation, whichever is later, the person may start the procedure.

Regrets do not have to control your destiny. If you have a past to amend, visit for a positive turn of events.

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