Nevada Record Expunge Kit

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guarantee to expunge records in nevadaHaving a criminal history is no small problem for those just trying to get on with their lives after they’ve served their punishment. In fact, one can have a record without even having been convicted of a crime. Charges, arrests and all other legal proceedings are also placed on someone’s criminal history, and they’ll show up during a background check. This kind of history can leave a permanent black mark on a person, and make it hard to find a place to live, to get a job and even to be accepted by people who know about past brushes with the law. However, it is possible to expunge records in Nevada and our expungement kits were made to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

What is Nevada Expungement?

When someone requests to expunge record Nevada, ¬†it is effectively removed from the criminal justice system completely. There will be a note that there once was a record, but no clue as to what that record was. While certain crimes such as violent offenses as well as sexual offenses like rape or child abuse are not eligible to be wiped off someone’s record, many other offenses are eligible under the law in the state of Nevada. All someone has to do is go to the courthouse that had jurisdiction over the offenses in question and file the necessary petition.

The Difference Between Expunged and Sealed

If someone’s history cannot be wiped away entirely, it might still be possible to get it sealed. A sealed history means that the general public (landlords, potential employers, etc.) will not have access to a given set of documents. Police and law enforcement officers will still have access to sealed documents though, provided that they are gaining access through legitimate investigations into a person’s history for a case. A bigger array of records can be sealed than can be completely wiped away, and it is generally considered easier to get records sealed than erased. The process for both is relatively the same though, which makes petitioners lives that much easier in the long run.

Starting The Process

Petitioning to have one’s history cleaned up is a relatively simple endeavor, legally speaking. All one has to do is go to the courthouse in question, and make sure that the offense they want erased or sealed is not on the prohibited list. Individuals need to make certain they meet all the requirements set forth, such as making sure that the incident was a first offense, that an allowable period of time has gone by since it was ended, and that they have had a clean record since the incident in question.

Once all of the checking is done, the individual in question needs to request the necessary forms to file a petition for sealing or expunging records. The court will require certain documents, as well as a filing fee, to get the process started. Once that’s been taken care of, all the individual has to do is wait. A court date might be set, but it’s entirely possible that the petition may be granted or refused without one.

A Do It Yourself Kit?

While the petition might seem hard to someone who is uninitiated into the legal system, it isn’t so difficult that it requires someone to hire an attorney. In fact, all it takes is a simple Nevada kit that provides someone with all of the information they’ll need, along with all of the requisite forms necessary to get the petition filed. While it’s still possible the court will say no, it won’t happen due to a paperwork error if one follows the instructions this kit gives.

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