Expunge Record Massachusetts Kit

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In the state of Massachusetts, anyone who has ever been charged with a crime has something called a Criminal Offender Record Information or CORI for short. If you have a CORI, you can face difficulty in finding employment and housing. In Massachusetts, employers are allowed to decide against hiring someone on the basis of having a criminal record. Public housing agencies can also deny a person if they discover they have a CORI. You can also be denied the right to be a foster parent or adopt a child. Luckily, people with a CORI have the opportunity to expunge or seal it. Going through this process will meant that the record does not show up on background checks, and you will finally be able to put the mistakes of your past behind you.

Expunging your ciminal past is different that sealing it. When a CORI is expunged, it is destroyed completely. It can no longer be held against you when you are applying for a job or looking for a place to live. Massachusetts expungement is only possible in a few circumstances. It is allowed if there is a legitimate mistake in the record. If someone has stolen your identity and been convicted of a crime under that identity, then that record would be eligible for this process. If you were charged with a crime as a juvenile but were not prosecuted then it can also be destroyed.

When a CORI is sealed, it still exists, but people cannot access it. It will not show up on reports when you apply for a job or housing. There are several criteria to follow if you want to get a CORI sealed. If you have been found not guilty of a criminal charge in court you can request for it to be sealed immediately. This also applies if the chargers were dropped. For crimes with convictions, misdemeanors can be sealed after a 5 year waiting period, and felony convictions can be sealed after 10 years. This waiting period begins either on the date of the conviction or the date you were released from prison-whichever was later. An exception to this is if you have been convicted of a first-time drug possession. In this case, you can request for your CORI to be sealed immediately. Certain criminal convictions cannot be sealed. These include sex offenses, perjury, and some firearm offenses.

Having your record destoryed or sealed can lead to better opportunities in life, so the choice to do it is an easy one. However, accomplishing this goal can be extremely stressful, and putting the words expunge record in Massachusetts into a search engine can lead to confusing results. Buying a kit from expungecenter.com will make the whole process easier. A kit will provide all of the forms and instructions you will need to file. Hiring a lawyer is costly, and this kit will allow you to easily go though the process yourself and save a significant amount of time and money.

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