Make Expungement of Felony Easier

While it is impossible to completely relive your past and undo your mistakes, you can do something to remove the criminal charges filed on you. This is called expunction. Expunging your criminal records means that you are free of guilt and your criminal history is clear for when someone runs a background check on you. Many people who have completed their arrest sentence want to live a normal life but are often hindered because they have not applied for expungement of felony. This can prove troublesome at some point in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to expunge your records before they get in the way of pursuing your dream.

There are various laws governing the procedures of expunction and you will have to consider how to do it effectively so that your records appear nowhere in a background check done by a private party. However, there is no way to hide your records from the government authorities; they are free to inspect anyone’s criminal records, even if the records have been expunged.

Usually, you will have to wait for a certain period of time after completing your sentence to expunge a felony. This period of time varies from state to state and is based on the nature of the conviction. If you were convicted of a felony, you will have to wait for a longer time than for other types of convictions. However, after the completion of this time, you can apply for expunction and seal your records completely.

All criminal records are open for inspection to the public and the only way to hide your records from them is to get the records expunged. If you have any doubts about how to expunge felony, call us for legal advice. Our experts will give you the necessary information regarding how you can expunge the felonies you were convicted of. You must also satisfy the various conditions that the law requires you to in order to apply for the expungement of felony.

In most cases, the felony is not directly dismissed but is reduced to a misdemeanor and the misdemeanor is then dismissed. This way, you will be made free of guilt and you can lead a normal life just as the others. There are various reasons why you would want the felony to be made into a misdemeanor. For more information, call us today and learn how to expunge a felony.

Though you get your criminal records expunged, you still can’t get back some of the privileges and rights your conviction stopped you from. For instance, if your conviction says that you no longer have the right to hold public office, expunging your records will not give you back the right to do so. Those who lost their right to possess firearms due to a conviction will not get back the right after expunging a felony. Therefore, expungement of felony doesn’t completely pronounce you as clean, but lets you lead a normal life.

There are also other things that expunction can’t do for you. For example, if you expunge your records, it is still accessible to all government bodies. You can’t hide your records from them because these records will be considered when issuing you a license or permit in the future. Your record will stay with the FBI and the US citizenship and immigration services will have access to the record. You might opt out of saying ‘No’ to questions about your arrest to a private party, however, when you are applying for a government license or job, you will have to disclose the fact that you were arrested, convicted and got your records expunged.

However, expungement of felony wouldn’t affect your job because even if your employer finds out that you were once convicted, his decision to hire, promote, or fire you shouldn’t be based on the conviction. Thus the law ensures that you are allowed to get a decent job and live a normal life after completing your sentence. However, if you have spent your sentence in the State jail, your chances of getting the records expunged are slim. You will have to consult an experienced attorney so that you can find the safest way to expunge your records.

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