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cbi background check

Criminal Background Checks

The Colorado bureau of investigation is a division of the CDPS (Colorado Department of Public Safety). It is also the main archive of all the arrest records for the State of Colorado only and the best place to go whether online or in person to get a CBI background check.


The database that is used contains information that is detailed based on fingerprints that are copied during the booking process. These fingerprints are updated in the database through the different Colorado law enforcement agencies. Only arrests that are finger printed will be shown on the system. In addition, juvenile case records, sealed records, and information related to warrants are not available to the public.

If you want information or any documents about anything pertaining to the arrest records and the law (that are not mentioned above) then you must contact the law enforcement agency in you area.

There are certain companies and organizations that have contracts with the bureau that allows them to do exclusive searches on the database to view arrest records and other information.  However, this search is limited only to the state of Colorado.


Services provided by the CBI when conducting criminal background checks

Apart from conducting background checks there are other services that the CBI offers.

You can access the web-based system that the CBI has to view criminal history reports. You will have top pay a small fee for each result that is viewed.  This fee will be charged to your credit or debit card and the results will be immediately revealed.

If you want to view the results in written form, particularly with a letter head then you will be charged extra for this service and you will not necessarily be billed from your credit card. Before the process beings you must submit a written form to the CBI for the manual search to be done. Once the search is complete it will be mailed to you and the process can take up to three business days.

It is beneficial to use these services because:

  • You have the option of getting the results in hard copy by mail or by getting it instantly by viewing it online.
  • You can get the document mailed right to your doorstep in just a matter of days.
  • Account holders can instant access to information.  To become an account holder you will be required to sign up and pay a small fee only once. This fee does not include the charge for individual services.

The information that is needed to conduct the search and what will be revealed when the check is complete

To do a search online requesting information pertaining to individuals then it is vital that you know certain information about them. Obtaining information on anyone is not a hard task as there are many sites that make it possible to view public records online. Some of the relevant information that you will need to search for such records are:

  • Their full name (mandatory)
  • Their date of birth (mandatory)
  • Their social security number (optional)
  • Gender (optional)
  • Race (optional)
  • Alias (optional)

The information that is presented is based solely on fingerprint copies that are submitted from law enforcement agencies that are located in the state as they are not allowed to reveal information garnered from other sources/databases outside the State.

Records that are sealed are not accessible to the public. Inaccessible files also include warrant information, and arrest records pertaining to juveniles.

Other ways that you can conduct a background investigation are by doing:

  • Online background check service – an online check is done by finding a website on the internet that offers this service.  They generally require basic information such as name, date of birth and address. From this a search result will generate.  You may be required to enter additional information if you find that you have multiple results being similar.
  • Free background check – a background check can be done for free by also doing it online at a website that offers the service fro free since not all the websites inline offers the service for free.
  • Hiring a firm – there are physical firms that you can walk into to do this service or you can just do it online. These firms will charge to have the service done.  They are quite reliable and accurate in the information that they provide as there are professionals that are hired at the firm that have years of experience in the field.
  • Consulting the FBI – the FBI is the most trusted organization when it comes to finding information on people. They can be contacted to run a background check on anyone.


While it is quite easy to do a background check given the many ways that you can do it is bet that you do it based on the state that you are in. As such, if you are located in Colorado and want to get one done the best way to go about it is to get a CBI background check done.

Apart from the fact that it will be done in the same state there you have to consider all the other reasons why it would be more beneficial to do it within your area. If for example there is an error on your record then it would be easier to have it corrected since all of your other personal documents could be retrieved and taken to the bureau where the necessary corrections would be made.    Familiarizing yourself with the procedure of the check can make it so  much easier when it should be completed.

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