Expungement Kit for Kentucky

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record expungementMany people who have committed a crime and have served out their sentencing, should be made aware of the opportunity for them to expunge record Kentucky. The opportunity for another chance to make life right and to focus on the good parts can be made available by simply filling out a petition with the court. Five years after serving out the completion of the sentencing for the crime, a person can complete a petition. The ability to destroy or strike out records, information that is stored onto files, information that is saved on a computer or other means that is related to criminal charges can be done in a court hearing. It is possible to have criminal records removed in Kentucky. You must first qualify to expunge records in Kentucky. Once you qualify, the records can be sealed and the person should not have to reveal anything to the court, credit, or to places of employment. Any and all records under the control of law enforcement or the court can be removed from public viewing.

Anyone who has not had any previous conviction of crime, if a dismissal charge or not guilty charge was entered and any violation or conviction five years prior to seeking a court hearing. There are petitions issued from the court to be eligible for expungement. The petition must be filed after five years of the sentencing being completed and fulfilled. After the convicted has filed a petition, the court sets a date for a hearing and a county Attorney will be notified along with the convict of the crime. A fee will also need to be paid upon completion of the court hearing. All parties the court feels should be involved with the expungement hearing will be notified to attend the hearing.

Many young people who commit a crime when they are young, criminals who have broken the law one time, people who were once criminal but have changed, deserve a chance to make things right in their lives. Everyone should have the right to file a petition with the court to get things changed around. The ability to have criminal records deleted for the cause of making a better life is very important to the individual who is striving to get a second chance at making life right. The expungement will allow for this to happen.

There are many criminals who long to make a change. While the process is not familiar with many people, is a way for this to happen. People who have been convicted of a crime and have served their sentence out should check with the proper authorities about completing a petition for Kentucky expungement.

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