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expunged criminal record

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Committing a crime can change the life of a person into an ocean of difficulties. Living the rest of the life after a crime is the biggest punishment. You might feel bleak and deserted. But once on educating yourself about the mistake, you have an opportunity to conceal the black mark. Probably, seeking a method that eradicates your criminal record is available on the grounds of law. If you are being punished for any crime, the amount of pain you undergo is unexplained.

Mostly, while you want to expunge criminal record, understanding the factors behind applying for a temporary shielding of the record is necessary to carry out the process in correct order. Usually there are lot of differences between three different procedures namely, Pardon, Sealing and Expungement. Most of the times, when a convict opts for expungement it should be for the first time. If the number of crimes performed is more than one, it is never possible for him to expunge the records. Most states do not allow an expungement for a crime for the second time.


  • Pardon is granted by the President of the nation, but with the criteria that the record of crime would not be erased or hidden. The pardon is a lawful procedure through which your charge is withdrawn. The process will also enclose the topics like remission & reprieve to reduce the amounts of charge and terms of punishment respectively.
  • Reprieve is also used to delay the sentence so as to seek methods to apply for pardon. While applying for a presidential pardon, you don’t have to wait for years after your conviction period as in other forms of lawful enactments. Once the request to pardon is evaluated by the Official Pardon Attorney, he decides on the result.
  • When the pardoned convict, applies for a job or a license, the details about the conviction should be clearly defined. Instead, the grant of pardon must not be mentioned anywhere in the application. Pardons vary in state Law and Federal law.  Under the State laws, pardons are given by governors who also consider rules of Federal Law before granting a pardon.


  • Expungement is the official concealing of your criminal data soon after spending years of punishment. The process will encompass a set of rules which you should definitely follow to get the record hidden. Expunging a record is not masking the conviction identity. It should also include a deep sense of acceptance of the mistake personally. Recognizing the mistake is definitely the first step to a profound development in life.
  • By veiling the records of crime, any public facet will not be able to recognize the charge or sentence imposed previously. When you apply for a license or a career that’s related to the municipal federation, you need to reveal that you have expunged your criminal record and if you fail to do so, that could be treated a bigger act of crime.
  • To expunge federal criminal record, you must understand that the procedure necessitates the acquiring of the criminal record. Only then you will be able to expunge the record by submitting an appeal to the authorities through an attorney. Make sure that the period of punishment or watch is over before you file the expungement request.
  • If the crime involved perilous consequences, something similar to Felony, then the judge will proceed to reject the plea. It might not work for convictions that have inflicted harm on the society.
  • If the expungement is granted, it would only lie within limits of smaller mistakes like minor theft. They would then expunge the record of crime soon after the appeal is accepted. It is then possible to go over to say that you haven’t committed a crime.
  • Many still search for all possible ways to Expunge a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a negligible act of crime which is not considered as serious as a Felony, a major act of crime. Most misdemeanors are charged with a penalty and only a handful of them include a short term of imprisonment. When the term of prison charge is less than a year, it is termed as a misdemeanor. Many a time, the charge would encompass Probation. This is when the police authorities keep an eye on you.
  • There are other requirements where you will have to hide the criminal record. Generally, when your case needs a tight security of the bystander or pleas that embrace confidential information about the business are sealed. To Seal criminal record, you need to access the court with the necessary credentials. The sealed document then gets the tag, Filed Under Seal”. The rules involved in the filing of a sealed record enclose those in the county as well as in the state. The officer of the court does the sealing procedure usually. Even birth details of an adopted baby are sent for record sealing to conceal the biological parents.

It is a must to Expunge criminal background by adopting the right method for your crime so that you are not seen in the search of public records.

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