How to Get Expunged and Start Fresh

The first step in answering “how to get expunged” is to find out whether you are eligible. This is important because you don’t want to file for expungement and pay the fees only to realize that you couldn’t have even gotten it in the first place.

A successful expungement depends on:

  • The number and nature of crimes that you’ve been charged/convicted for. If you’ve been involved in a lot of crimes, then chances of expungement are lower.
  • The results of charges brought against you. The case may have gone in your favor and charges could have been dropped. In such instances, expungement is an easier prospect.
  • The date of your last offence. The longer it’s been, higher the chances of expungement.

How to get records expunged is a question that does not have a straightforward answer. While the process is the same, every individual will have a different outcome.

Filing for expungement

This needs to be done at the court where you were charged with your crime. Make sure you find out the expungement laws in your state and jurisdiction. A lawyer will be of great help here and will tell you everything you need to know about how to get charges expunged.

Important information that needs to be collected…

While starting off on the “how to get expunged” road, you need to pull up specific information such as:

  • Where exactly your criminal record has been recorded.
  • The certificate of discharge that gives you important dates such as conviction, acquittal, etc.
  • The date when you completed your sentence or parole.
  • The exact law that you broke while committing the offense.

How to get expunged is no walk in the park and there are various legal situations that require a professional handling.

Incorrect Criminal Records

Your lawyer can help you out here by helping you challenge the agency. It might so happen that a crime may be mistakenly put against your name, when you were never involved in it. In order to correct this irregularity, expungement needs to take place. Sometimes, individuals are arrested for a particular crime but wrongly charged with another.

Non-conviction Records

How to get a charge expunged can be a little easier if you weren’t convicted for a crime you were charged with. If you’ve been a law-abiding citizen since that crime, then your expungement case is on the right path.

DUI Records

In some states, a first-time DUI offense is usually wiped clean. However, this differs from state to state and a conviction could result in a permanent mark on your record. Wanting to know how to get a dui expunged will lead you to your state’s driving laws.

These are just few instances of expungement situations. How to get expunged can turn out to be a lengthy process, so make sure you have legal assistance. An attorney will help you through the filing process and also be present during your hearing. He/she will tell you how to answer various questions thrown at you in court.

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