How to Clear a Record of All Criminal Blemishes

Thousands of people have missed out on public benefits because of their past run-ins with the police. Job opportunities, loans, government assistance, and a lot more can be jeopardized if it is find out that you’ve been on the wrong side of the law. And failing to mention your criminal past could also get you into trouble. That’s why you should know how to clear a record and start afresh.

You should start by asking the right people for advice on how to clear your record. Sometimes, a lawyer might be required to guide you through the entire process. It is always encouraged to have legal assistance, as the chances of making mistakes this way are lower. They will know exactly how to clear a record.

Remove your criminal record.

The first step to answering “how to clear a record” is to bring up all your criminal history. This record will show you what were your past crimes and whether you meet the eligibility for expungement. Different states have different laws for criminal record clearing and you need to make sure that you qualify for it. Your chances are good if a number of years have passed since your last crime and if it was a minor, non-violent crime. Your criminal record will give you the important information you need.

Pick up all the forms

When it comes to filling up forms to get the expungement process rolling, you need to ensure that you have the right ones. Visiting the courthouse in your jurisdiction should be your first move and sometimes you could even find these forms on the web. Filing for expungement requires you to fill up quite a few forms. It is the second step on how to clear criminal record.

Gather personal information regarding the offences

Make sure you have all the info regarding your crimes ready for use. While readying the forms, you will have to enter items such as violated codes and sections, case numbers, dates, and lots more. The final verdict in your case or whether you entered a plea is important information that will be required. Clearing a criminal record also involves knowing which facility you were incarcerated and when (if it happened) did you receive parole.

Back up your petition

When you’re filing for expungement, you need to show the court that you’ve turned over a new leaf. If you have been studying or working in a new company since your last crime, then make sure you add such proof to your petition. Having a recommendation letter from respectable citizens of society will also help your cause. This is a crucial part on how to clear a criminal record. If the judge feels that you’ve been working hard to past behind you, then the chances of expungement are higher.

The hearing is an important section of the expungement process. The judge will review your situation and decide whether to wipe your slate clean or not. This is what you should know of how to clear a record.


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