For Every Crime, There is an Expungement Cost!

Misdemeanor Expungement

Expungement of a Criminal Record

An expungement of a criminal record is an investment for your future. It protects your reputation, preventing your convictions and other records from coming out in the open. Just like any other investment like a medical, property or a house insurance, and other financial investments, expunging your criminal past is equally important for safeguarding your reputation and status.

It might have been a minor case of a misdemeanor or a felony, but it is enough to block all your future opportunities of a good career, higher studies or a dream job that you got outside the country. Either way, it would be a shame to not be able to cash in any of the opportunities just because of a minor hitch like a criminal record.

Steps for a Crime-free Life

At every step of this criminal procedure there is an expungement cost involved. The first step is to identify your criminal record in your county or state database. Once you have found your case records in the court database, the next step is to request for a copy of the records. There will be a small amount involved when you place your request, either in person at the county courthouse or go online to the court website. Then download an expungement form and make a checklist of all documents required to be submitted with the form. Write a letter addressed to the judge of the court, petitioning for the expungement of criminal records. Attach all of the above documents with the expungement form and submit it.

The court clerk will then intimate you on your mail address about the date of hearing. He or she might even ask if you will require an attorney to represent you during your expungement procedure. This prosecutor is normally assigned by the state and you may have to pay a small token amount as fee to him. If you cannot afford the charges he asks for, you could place another request to waive off or do away with the fee.  A point to be noted here is that even after you obtain the expunge record, there is a fee involved.

In order to get a criminal record expunged, you are either assigned a state prosecutor or you may choose an attorney of a private legal firm on your own. In both cases, there is an expungement cost as fee, involved in the expungement process. This fee changes across various counties and states.

The steps where you have to pay a fee during the expungement process:

  • Filing a petition

Once, you assemble your documents, you have to submit it to the county clerk who will register your request. At this step, there is a small cost involved.

  • Processing of the petition

The next step is where your petition is registered and all documents verified. You have to pay a small amount at this stage too.

  • Getting a copy of old criminal records

For getting past records of arrests, convictions, their dates and case details, there is another fee involved.

So, how much does expungement cost?

Though you may end up paying a little bit more than what you would to a court assigned attorney, it is definitely worth the cost.

For instance, expungement California entails the person applying for an expungement to pay the court while filing the petition. It is mandatory to pay an amount decided by the court. If you cannot afford to pay the said amount, you may even ask it to be waived.

Legal attorneys charge differently in each county. You may need to also keep in mind that these charges often depend on the seriousness and severity of the charges. Therefore it is better if you enquire about the expungement cost involved.

The cost or charges involved in the expungement of a record depends upon the crime, its nature or severity, and the county you reside in. So when you begin the process of expungement, make sure that you check how much the state prosecutor is charging.

In addition, if you are planning to hire a private attorney, do a general survey to find out the standard rates for expungement of a criminal record. Generally, if your case involves a serious crime, the charges to expunge your crime will be higher.

Once you start the process of expungement, then you have to also consider the charges involved in obtaining a record expungement.

If you do not nip your criminal records early in life, then it will come to haunt you in every sphere of life. Remember you just have one lifetime to clear your records and live a blemish-free life. So be prepared to pay an expungement cost!

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