The effects of drug crime statistic in the Country

Drug use has been an issue in the United States since the effects are very serious and ultimately lead to crime. Drugs affect your mental capabilities and whenever you are unable to acquire that drug you will do anything even if it’s criminal in nature to get that drug.


The Drug crime statistics in America is quite alarming. This is due to the implications of using and dealing in drugs. The statistics would reveal the relationship between drugs and crime.

Drug Use and Dependence, State and Federal Prisoners Statistics of 2004 show the results of the connection of Drugs and crime. These results are

Crimes committed as a result of drugs

2004 State Prisoner 17% committed their current offense to obtain money for drugs
1997 State Prisoner 19% committed their current offense to obtain money for drugs
2004 Federal Inmates 18% committed their current offense to obtain money for drugs
1997 Federal Inmates 16% committed their current offense to obtain money for drugs
2004 state prisoners Property (30%) and drug offenders (26%) convicted property and drug offenders committed the crime for drugs
2002 Local jailoffenders ¼ of  convicted property and drug offenders convicted property and drug offenders committed the crime for drugs


Crime Reports have shown that drug related crime fall under the following categories, which are:

  • Use Related

Use related crime is the type of crime resulting from the ingestion of drugs or crime relating from not thinking clearly because of using drugs.

  • Economic Related

Economic related crime is when you commit a crime such as burglary and prostitution, with the intention of funding or feeding your drug habit.

  • System Related

System related crime is crime committed due to the make up of the drug system. These include transportation, manufacture, production and sale of drugs. Also it entails violence surrounding the sale of drugs (turf war).


Drug abuse in America can lead to crime and there are no positive effects that are derived from that crime. These negative effects are:

  • The damage to community spirit. Due to fear, people will now want to stay to themselves instead of socializing with their surroundings.
  • Juvenile Crime is popular and some young people commit crime due to the need for drugs. But this has pose a problem to them since such crime can caused them to be locked up in detention centers and having no hope for the future. Their future is ruined at a young age.
  • Loss of parents. Parents can be killed in the murders that involve the use and distribution of drugs.
  • School closing. This is a result of crime occurring in communities where schools are located. Parents are scared to send their children to school where drug violence is occurring on the street.
  • People moving out of communities. There is a rapid rate of depopulation in urban areas where drug crimes are more popular. People are moving out of these areas due to fear and due to the area being run down. These community members also include skilled people who should be there to build the community.


  • Drugs and crime affects development in a negative way. It breaks down social and human capital and demeans your quality of life.


  • Property devaluating.  Drug crimes can cause property to devaluate over time since the area affected will be marked as a bad area or ghetto.  A lot of people would not want to own property in these areas.


  • Loss of development and Investors moving away to do their business somewhere else

Investors are driven away from areas ripped with drug crime. It undermines development. These investors view drug crime in an area as a sign to stay away since there is social stability and also drug crime increases business costs. It is difficult for the country to promote development and to encourage investors to set up business in these areas.


  • Increase in prison population

One of the direct results of drug crime is an increase in the prison population. Individuals who had committed crime relating to drug use such as murder, rape, robbery, domestic violence and prostitution are arrested and placed in prison.

  • Increase in death

Another direct result of drug crime is death. There are numerous victims of violent crime and some of these crimes are connected to dealing and using drugs.

  • Financial problems:Drug crimes have affected the government’s budget since it costs the United States billions of dollars. There is a high rate of medical expenses, wages are lost, and properties are lost. A large amount of money is spent in the prison system due to the increase in prisoners. Money are paid for the hiring of new judges, to provide food for the prisoners, to fund rehab centers and increase court costs
  • Limited movement. This type of crime affects the movement of people. People are scared to search for employment and education, and also in most cases there are not much job or education opportunities in drug violent areas.
  • Poverty. This is derived from communities being run down, lack of employment and education. All due to crimes relating to drugs.
  • Lack of confidence in the judicial system. It seems that the judicial system is not doing a good job since crimes relating to drugs are not going away.


An increase in drug crime statistics can have numerous consequences as listed above. One of them being of course, problems with the law. A criminal history on your record, is not very beneficial for anybody that wants to have a normal life. Therefore the best way to reduce such effects is to implement educational programs, stop dealing and using drugs and smart enforcement of drug laws.

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