How DUI arrest records can affect you

There are many situations in life in which arrest records can come back to haunt individuals. Oftentimes, an individual’s chances of landing their desired job, securing the apartment they like, or enrolling in the university or college of their choice are significantly impaired because the individuals responsible for carrying out the respective screening processes acquired knowledge of such an incident from your past.


This frequently occurs even if the arrestee was not subsequently found guilty in a court of law of actually committing a criminal offense. The same holds true for many people who are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). There are myriad ways in which DUI arrest records cause problems for these people.


What is a DUI record History?

Drunk driving is an ill-advised activity in which many people engage. In many instances, the person who is driving drunk gets pulled over by a law enforcement official before arriving at their destination. If the officer suspects that the person is intoxicated, they are legally obliged to subject the individual to a series of sobriety tests. These tests usually see the individual being required to perform a number of tasks that are intended to gauge their physical coordination or mental acuteness.

The officer can request that the suspect submits to a breathalyzer if they are not sufficiently satisfied that the person is sober following the performance of these tasks. If the breathalyzer confirms that the individual’s blood alcohol level is above the legal allowable limit, it is standard practice for them to be arrested and slapped with a DUI charge.

DUI arrest records are public documents

Records of arrest are considered to be public records throughout the United States. As such, it is possible for such documents to be accessed by virtually anyone who is inclined to view or obtain a copy of them. There are multiple sources – both official and unofficial – from which access to these documents can be gained. The many websites that freely display the mugshots of DUI arrestees top the list of places that people frequently visit when seeking to locate official reports on such occurrences.

They, in turn, usually source the files that they publish from the police departments that initially booked the individual. The ubiquity of these sites makes it almost impossible for any arrest that will later be registered on an individual’s criminal history file to be kept out of the public domain.

Ways in which DUI arrests can affect the individual    

Any individual who is detained due to a law enforcement agent’s suspicion that they were driving under the influence of alcohol can be subjected to a wide range of negative consequences. This is likely even if the person was not subsequently convicted of a DUI offense in court. The following are just three of the areas in which the individual’s prospects often suffer when such an incident occurs:

  1. 1.     Employment

Even when jobs are plentiful, the vast majority of employers are very discriminating when evaluating candidates who put themselves forward to fill an existing vacancy within their business. In the current economic environment where jobs are relatively scarce, more and more employers are joining the ranks of those who subject candidates to very rigorous screening processes as they seek to select the very, very best from among the masses of applicants.

The employment background check is one of the procedures that is commonly employed to whittle away scores of applicants who might be deemed unsuitable due to issues such as the existence of a DUI-related detention by law enforcement officials in their past. The potential negative impact on the individual’s employment prospects is likely to be particularly pronounced if the positions they are equipped to fill require them to routinely operate a motor vehicle.

  1. 2.     Housing

Landlords are also inclined to require prospective tenants to subject themselves to screening exercises that are geared towards identifying the best person to occupy the living spaces that they are renting. Arrest and criminal records checks are often a critical component of these activities. Arrestees who have had past run-ins with the law due to DUI suspicions often find themselves at a disadvantage relative to other potential renters.

This is often attributable to the fear that many landlords have that such arrests are indicative of bigger problems that these potential tenants might have with alcohol abuse. In turn, this typically gives rise to concerns that such a tenant could cause damage to their property or injury to them and/or other tenants while their judgment is impaired by higher than tolerable blood alcohol levels.

  1. 3.     Education

There are many educational institutions such as colleges and universities that look unfavorably upon admission applications that feature declarations of past alcohol-related interactions with the criminal justice system. Such concerns will either be more or less pronounced depending on the school to which the individual is seeking to be admitted. Generally, even institutions with more liberal outlooks and regulations pertaining to the consumption of alcohol by their students might be disinclined to admit individuals with DUI arrest records – especially if there are multiple such incidents detailed there.

This is due to the fact that such applicants are often thought to be a greater security and insurance risk than their counterparts who have no such issues on their rap sheet. This is a measure that the school will employ to reduce the risk it might be exposed to if they admitted an individual with this kind of checkered past who subsequently was involved in a similar incident that resulted in material damage, injuries, or deaths.

A DUI arrest record can seriously affect an individual in many areas of their life. It can affect their employment, housing, and educational prospects. Thus, it is beneficial for the affected individual to look for alternatives  to fix his/her record as sealing record history.

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