Can reduction in drug related crime affect your community?

Drug related Crime has various negative consequences to your community such as loss of life, absentee parents, overcrowding of jails and prison, depopulation of cities and poverty, but these negative consequences can be limited if proper actions are taken to reduce the statistics on drug related crimes, which are:

Results from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (year 2007).

Year Number of homicides Percent drug related
2007 14,831 3.9

The Survey of Inmates in Local Jails (1996) showed that more than half of the inmates in jail were under the influence of drugs while they committed their violent crime.

Drug related crimes are crimes committed due to drugs such as murder, burglary drug trafficking, and manufacturing.

A reduction in drug abuse statistics  in America will decrease crimes relating to drugs. Abusing of drugs come in various forms. They are:
– Doctor Shopping Drug Abuse

– On-Line Drug Abuse

– Pill Swapping Drug Abuse

– Selling Your Prescription Is Drug Abuse

– Taking Your Child’s Medication Is Drug Abuse

-Fraudulent Prescriptions is Drug Abuse


The reduction in drug crime affects communities in a positive way. These benefits include:

  1. Less drunk driving accidents

A reduction in drug related crime will reduce incidents caused from drunk driving, since there will be less consumption of alcohol.  Drunk driving facts and statistics indicates that in 2012 there were 31% of vehicle fatalities caused from individuals who were under the influence of the drug alcohol. However, the statistics also shows that between 1991 and 2011drunk driving fatalities per 100,000 have decreased by forty nine percent. Also for individuals under twenty one years old there was a reduction of sixty three percent. This is a step in the right direction regarding drug crimes.

  1. Reduction in drug crimes caused by substance abuse will limit government spending. Statistics on substance abuse shows the financial implication of substance abuse. The abuse of tobacco, illicit drugs and tobacco has caused the United States over six hundred billion dollars annually with tobacco amounting for one hundred and ninety three billion dollars, alcohol amounting to two hundred and thirty five billion and Illicit drugs amounting to one hundred and ninety three billion dollars.
  2. Business Improving. A reduction in drug related crime will encourage business to reopen and will also encourage people to go out more and support local business in the area. All of this which will ultimately improve businesses.
  3. A reduction in drug crimes will reduce neighborhood crime rates. Citizens will now have a sense of safety. There will be less prostitution, break -ins and theft. Children can now go out and play, there will be a change in the community spirit for the better.
  4. Crimes such as rapes, assaults, and robberies have caused economic implications to victims and the government in numerous ways such as loss of earnings, a rise in insurance premiums and a burden on tax payers. If there is a reduction in these crimes government would now be spending less money on the fight against drug crime, less money would be spent on rehab, court matters, less prisoners would be in jail which would mean less money to take care of them while incarcerated. The statistics shows that drug crime is costly.


  1. Schools reopening. Increase in drug crime often forces school to close and children being dispatched to other schools. With a decrease in drug crimes those same schools will now be reopened, and maybe other schools will be constructed.
  2. A reduction in drug crime will encourage investors to be willing to either reinvest in the community or considering investing. This would add to the growth of the community that was once broken due to drug crimes.
  3. Total Economic growth.
  4. A reduction in murder will occur if there is a reduction in violent drug crimes. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that in 2005 to 2019 there was a 12.5% national decline in homicides. There was a decrease of nine percent in the number of robberies and the number of aggravated assaults was reduced by seven percent.
  5.  The value of the housing stock in once crime ridden area will go up. People will now start to see the real value of the houses when there is no drug crime.


There a lot of ways in which community members can assist in the control of drug use and drug crimes. These ways are through Community Action Groups.

Community Action Groups can be responsible for going into the schools, into the church and anywhere there is people with the aim of educating them on the negative effects of drug use, who will be greatly affected the most, and hear solutions from the community as to how the effects of drug crime can be reduced.

These groups can organize community drug watch. This would assist in monitoring drug activities on the street and in other areas of their communities and reports such activities to law enforcement. This could limit the use of drugs which will positively affect the drug crime rate.

Drug crimes rips family a part, therefore it is more than necessary to derive solutions that will solve the increase in incidents that is due to drug related crimes.

A reduction in the statistics on drug related crimes is more positive in so many ways as discussed above. With limited drug use, crime will stay at bay and communities will grow. Also, more people would be able to have a clean record history and live normal lives.

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