The Expungement Center is dedicated to helping Americans everywhere understand their rights about their public records. We publish helpful information about record sealing and record expungement for states where it is available.

When it comes to expunging a record for a misdemeanor, there are certain steps that one can take to make this possible. With an expungement, the record becomes unavailable to most if not all individuals and organizations. Government agencies such as the FBI and the military can still access expunged records though.

Every state has different laws about expungement. Some states will only allow an expungement for a misdemeanor record. Other states will allow expungement as long as the paperwork is filled out properly and a judge has signed off on the paperwork no matter the classification of the crime. Other states will not allow an expungement at all. Certain states, like Florida, will only allow an expungement for non-violent misdemeanors.

By getting an expungement, you are restoring your civil rights. If any civilian looks for the criminal record of someone, then they will be unable to find it. One way that people could look up your misdemeanor is through a misdemeanor record check. A misdemeanor criminal record check is where one party is looking up police records of an individual. In most states, misdemeanors will show up along with any other criminal records that may have been recorded.

In order to do a record check of a particular person, you may need the person’s full name and date of birth. Some states may require more information, simply if there is more than one person with all of the same information. Some states may also require the Social Security number, or the birth parent’s names. This information is to make sure that the correct person is identified, and that there is no confusion. The information can be gathered two ways. The easiest way is online. The more traditional route is through the mail. Either way is acceptable, but gathering the information needed online is typically faster, and more complete.

So now, you are probably asking yourself, ‘do misdemeanors stay on record?’ Misdemeanors will stay on your criminal record unless stated otherwise by the judge who sentenced you. They are permanent, and they are available for anyone to see, unless you choose to have that particular record sealed.

By now, you may be asking yourself, ‘what exactly is a misdemeanor and how is it different from a felony?’ A misdemeanor is different from a felony simply because of the severity of the offence. Felonies also have harsher punishments than misdemeanors.

There are some states that say if a crime is punishable by more than a single year in imprisonment, then that crime is a felony. In addition, if a crime may be punished by prison, then it is a felony. On the other hand, if a crime is punishable by less than one year in jail or a county prison, then that crime is considered a misdemeanor.

In some states, when it comes to violence, assault charges may be seen as a misdemeanor. However, if objects aside from bare skin (such as brass knuckles) were used, then that would change the charge to a felony. Another difference to be aware of is repeat offenders. If someone keeps on committing the same crime repeatedly, then the charges may get changed from misdemeanors to felonies.

Then there are the juvenile criminal records. There are some states that will automatically seal the child’s court records when that child turns 18 years of age. Most states will not do so. The child will still need to get his or her record expunged, just like an adult.

There are a few more rules, regulations, and things to consider when it comes to sealing a juvenile’s records. These things will be the child’s age, the date of the last offence, and the seriousness of the crimes. It is not a guarantee that a record, or multiple records, will be sealed for a child, but when someone so young has their entire life ahead of them, and then they have quite an amount of time to try and turn their life around.

how do i get a misdemeanor expunged from my record? What you will need to do is determine if your crime that was committed is eligible for an expungement. In some states, sex offences, alcohol related offences, and most felonies are not going to be expunged. You will need to check for the rules regarding this for your state, since this does vary from state to state. Once you have determined if your record can be expunged, then you will need to get a copy of your criminal records.

To get a copy of your criminal records is fairly simple. You can easily go online and obtain the records. You also have the option to go to the courthouse and get a paper copy of the records. These records are important because they will tell you exactly what your charge was and what the consequences were according to a court of law.

Once you have a copy of your misdemeanor record, you can find out what you will need to accomplish from there to make sure that your record is sealed or expunged. There are websites online that will let you know what to do, and how to proceed with the expungment.

Some states may have some rules in place that you will need to have accomplished before you can get your record expunged. These rules could be; all fines paid in full, community service is completed, no repeat offences in a given amount of time, or letters of apology sent to the victims. You will need to check with your own state, and check with your own records before you can be positive that your record can be expunged.

All in all, getting a record expunged is a wise idea. This will allow those who have a misdemeanor to be on an equal playing field with other people who have not had a misdemeanor. They will have all of their civil rights returned to them, and the person who has the record will not have to check ‘yes’ under the criminal offence box when they are applying for a job.

This is one of many good steps towards getting your life back on track and moving on to bigger and better things. Getting your misdemeanor is worth the time and effort that you will put into getting this done. What person would not like to have their life back? I know that the first step is always the hardest, but it will be one of the best steps that you will do in your life. You will not regret it for a moment.