How You Can get an OSBI Background Check

An OSBI background check, short for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation background check, is as imagined a background check conducted within the state of Oklahoma. The Open Records Act of Oklahoma is to ensure that citizens are able to view government records as they desire at just a small fee.


To get a background check done you would need to fill out the form and drop it of in person or send the application by mail or by fax. If it is that the application will be mailed then you must ensure that it I sent in a paid return envelope with a return mailing address. Whatever information is on the form should be printed legibly in ink or typed.

Some of the information that you need to provide about the person who you want the check to be done on are their full name, address and date of birth. Other information that you can provide about the person that will make the search more accurate are their social security number, alias, race and gender.

Instead of going to a website or the process as stipulated by the Oklahoma state bureau of investigation you can use other methods to get the background check done. These include the following:

Instant background check

There are different options that you can choose from when you decide to do an instant background check. The options are having it done through the FBI, contacting the local bureau of investigations, hiring a background check agency, using public records online or by doing a search on people search engines.

Though the background check methods listed above will provide accurate results the ones that are really instant are the ones that you would do by yourself online or the one where you would go online to do a people search.

These website that are reputable and reliable have access to other databases that have information about people’s criminal record. As such, once you enter the relevant information correctly then you can get back accurate results within a minute.

National background check

A background check such as this is done through a finger print system and is an investigation into someone’s past or felony history. While a background check for a county ill just focus on what happened in that specific area for example, a national background check focuses on what happened throughout the entire country.

Majority of the times when background checks are conducted they are done by employers.  They do this to ensure that they people who they are honest as in some cases they might be hired to handle money or sensitive information.

Though an arrest record (that shows on a background investigation) is available to the public, as citizens, you are still entitled to your privacy and so, in some cases where specific information is requested to be revealed the employer would have to have the potential employee sign a consent form before the investigation can proceed.

Background check companies

These firms are dedicated to providing accurate and authentic information to any one who hires them to do investigations for many reasons. To get a background check done for yourself or from anyone else using this method you would need to complete a form online and submit it through that same method, through email or by fax. You would also be provided with the information through these same avenues.

Apart from the normal background checks that these companies carry out they offer other similar services such as:

  • Performance profile checks – these help employers to hire individuals.  It assesses the applicant based on their abilities to perform certain tasks in the workplace.  It also identifies people who will refuse to do certain tasks and those who are incapable of doing it.
  • Drug tests – by choosing this service the employer can indicate to the firm what type of drug test they want and they would hire the necessary people to it.
  • Tenant checks – this service is particularly for landlords.  Potential tenants are investigated using this service.  This service will reveal their credit history, criminal history and eviction history.

Background check free

One of the most common ways that people go about getting background investigations is by doing it online for free. There are several websites on line that are dedicated to providing arrest records to the public.  Some of these websites may charge a small fee while others may not.  To get the relevant information from these sites the most that you are required to do is to complete the relevant fields as accurately as possible.

This is important as many of these websites may have individuals with the same name.  As such, it is important that you complete as many fields as possible so that whenever a search result is found it can match exactly what you were looking for. Due to the fact that these searches are done on a county, state and national level you must enter correct information.  If it is the case where there are ore than one search results then you can try entering more information to make the search narrower.

Though there are several ways to obtain an OSBI background check the most appropriate method is to use the OSBI website and follow the instructions there. The most that it will take for a single person is twenty minutes and it will all be done online. This will therefore save you time.  If you are interested in doing other searches on the same website then that is also possible and the same procedure would apply (doing it online).

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