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Civil Liberties Violations and how to report them – Before you send any emails to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to report a Civil Liberties violation, ensure it relates to a freedom defined in the Bill OF Rights. Your proper communication will help Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) determine if your complaint raises a Civil Liberties concern. Your Read More

Who Needs an Employment Background Check?

There are a lot of unscrupulous people going at lengths to evade law and order in society and as such employers have step up the employment process. Besides from an interview, they employ other strategies to select the best person for the job. It is becoming a common practice for companies to conduct employment background Read More

How to do a criminal background check

We are living in an informational age and as such it is important that you know what is out there about you. Conducting a criminal background check will no doubt help you to be aware of what is circulating around in cyber space that is attached to your name. Based on statistics, identity theft is Read More

How to search for jail mug shots

With the digital age that we are living in everything is uploaded online within no time. You might be unfortunate to be booked in jail for a crime and now you have a record out there somewhere. Was your photograph taken during the booking process? Then am sure you are wondering what it is or Read More

What you should know about juvenile mugshots

It would be unfortunate if you were arrested as a teen and have a criminal record created. This can be very detrimental to your future as a record can prevent you from doing and receiving a lot of things. Juvenile mugshots are taken if you were arrested and processed as a teenager. This forms part Read More

Can a felony be expunged?

If you have a felony charge on your record, you are more than likely aware of how such an incident can affect many areas of an individual’s life. You have probably faced many restrictions that ‘law-abiding’ citizens would not face. The law however, provides the opportunity for offenses to be cleared from your record. When Read More

How easily can a misdemeanor be expunged?

The law considers a misdemeanor a minor offense. However, the case details are still documented and are considered public records. The recorded information includes the arrested person’s identification particulars, details of the arrest, and the court’s decision on the case, which is known legally as the disposition of the case. The case can be concluded Read More

Juvenile crime statistics –Societal concerns

The discussion of Juvenile crime statistics is usually centered on the possible causes of the high rate of crimes committed by minors. The causes once found should make addressing and solving the issue of delinquency easier. The demand for these statistics is, therefore, on the increase as public concern rises. Consequently, some police departments and juvenile courts Read More

Juvenile delinquency statistics – What they reflect

Juvenile delinquency usually refers to juvenile offenders of the law. Anyone under the age of 18 who commits a crime is considered a juvenile. This person is usually referred to as a delinquent and is detained in a youth detention center separate from the population of convicted adults. Statistics for 2013 now indicate that there Read More

Six questions frequently asked about mug shots

By definition, mug shots are photographs of a person’s face used in police records. Once these pictures are taken during the arrest process they become public records. Many of these photos end up online for viewing by the millions of people who access the Internet on a daily basis. Several questions arise in the minds of Read More

How to Access New York Mug Shots

In the state of New York, once an officer has probable cause, witnessed a crime, or has a warrant for arrest, he can legally incarcerate an individual. While conducting the arrest, he must make individuals aware of their Miranda rights. These rights give the arrested the privilege of remaining silent and having an attorney.   Read More

Statistics compiled by the Department of Justice

Data on the criminal justice system is available to the general public on various government websites. The United States Department of Justice, which is sometimes called the Justice Department for short, is responsible for the administration of justice and law enforcement. This department has the Attorney General at the helm.   The Department of Justice Read More