About Us

ExpungeCenter.com is specifically dedicated to helping Americans expunge and seal criminal records. We published this site because we know there is a need for 1 in 3 Americans to have a criminal record or arrest incident expunged or sealed.


Everyone makes mistakes and therefore it’s your right and your choice if you make a better life and destroy or seal your past, legally – with experts that will Guarantee 100%, if you qualify and do not get expunged – you get your money back!  So, What are you waiting for?

If you think that ignoring your criminal record or arrest history won’t impact you in the years to come, you are living in another World.  Once you are arrested that record is processed in hundreds of databases across the nation.  So, without an expungement or seal that arrest or criminal information is available to anyone that wants to see it and regardless of conviction or not – it’s a record!

The facts are simple, each state has different requirements and therefore you need a professional to guide you through the process quickly and without spending a fortune.  Here at ExpungeCenter.com we offer the choice to do it right, the opportunity to regain your life!