The expungement laws in Florida

Florida expungement laws outline all the rules, policies, and regulations governing the state as it relates to the provision of sealing or removing a record. Whether as a result of a lapse in judgment or youthful indiscretion, there are thousands of people within the state who would be interested in having their records removed and, Read More

California expungement law: What it says

All ex-offenders within the state of California are encouraged to seek information on California expungement law guidelines. This information could prove to be vital in facilitating a seamless rehabilitation process. Expungement refers to the removal of a criminal record from an individual’s personal record. As a result, all agencies bearing a copy of the records Read More

The Impact Arrest Records Can Have on Harris Country residents

Every action, whether good or bad, has consequences. For those whose actions are deemed punishable by law, the ramifications are never pleasing, and even in instances where there was merely a suspicion of an offense but no conviction, the impact can still be quite detrimental. For the residents of Texan Harris County, arrest records can be Read More

The public arrest record: What it can do and what you can do

Arrest records are official documents that chronicle all the instances on which an individual was detained by law enforcement officials on suspicion of committing a criminal offense. They also detail various particulars pertaining to the incidents such as the nature of the crimes that the individual was suspected of committing when they were taken into Read More

How DUI arrest records can affect you

There are many situations in life in which arrest records can come back to haunt individuals. Oftentimes, an individual’s chances of landing their desired job, securing the apartment they like, or enrolling in the university or college of their choice are significantly impaired because the individuals responsible for carrying out the respective screening processes acquired Read More

Finding Federal Arrest Records: Effective Tools and Resources

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines a criminal history record as “a listing of certain information taken from fingerprint submissions retained by the FBI in connection with arrests.” This is also known as a “rap sheet,” or criminal history summary. Those who were convicted in a Federal court or whose case was referred to Read More

How do state laws affect accessibility to public arrest records?

In these modern days, almost any information is accessible to the public. This is due to the advancements of technology, particularly the Internet. Anyone with the right knowledge and search skills can readily locate arrests records online. In the United States, arrests records are generally public property and therefore can easily be accessed by the Read More

What to Expect from a Full Background Check

Have you ever been required to do a full background check? Perhaps you were applying for a loan, job vacancy, or even enrollment in a school. On the contrary, perhaps you were the one who requested background services for a potential employee or tenant. This is an important process since full background investigation verifies information Read More

How You Can get an OSBI Background Check

An OSBI background check, short for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation background check, is as imagined a background check conducted within the state of Oklahoma. The Open Records Act of Oklahoma is to ensure that citizens are able to view government records as they desire at just a small fee.   To get a background check Read More

Learn about the different background checks and how they can affect you

The Florida department of law enforcement (FDLE) is a government agency in Florida. It is responsible for formally coordinating eight boards, commissions and councils. The procedures, duties, and responsibilities of the agency are mandated through the state laws and statues. The head quarter of the agency is located in Tallahassee which is the state capital. Read More