Have you Thought About What is a Background Check

Have you been asking yourself the question “what is a background check?” A background check is considered the process of investigating and collecting data on an organization or individual about their past. Many employers require a background check as a part of their employment screening process. The background check is typically needed for high security or trust Read More

Submitting a FBI Criminal Background Check

A criminal history summary check is supplied to individuals for several reasons, such as for personal review, obtaining a change, correction, and updating their record. The criminal history summary check is not provided for employment and licensing purposes or any other purposes outlined in 28 CFR 20.33. FBI criminal background check is used in the Read More

Importance of a Federal Background Check

A background check is required in various situations, such as applying for a job, adopting, firearm licensing, etc. A background check is used to establish if an individual has been implicated in any criminal activity in the past or present and thus look into their character. A Federal background check is a process performed by federal Read More

Why landlords use tenant background check?

In today’s society, it is important for landlords to perform a background check on potential tenants. Performing a background check on prospective tenants safeguards other tenants from harm. It is vital for landlords to know about the type of individual they are planning to rent their property.   A background check provides a variety of Read More

Can a felony be expunged?

If you have a felony charge on your record, you are more than likely aware of how such an incident can affect many areas of an individual’s life. You have probably faced many restrictions that ‘law-abiding’ citizens would not face. The law however, provides the opportunity for offenses to be cleared from your record. When Read More

How easily can a misdemeanor be expunged?

The law considers a misdemeanor a minor offense. However, the case details are still documented and are considered public records. The recorded information includes the arrested person’s identification particulars, details of the arrest, and the court’s decision on the case, which is known legally as the disposition of the case. The case can be concluded Read More

Juvenile crime statistics –Societal concerns

The discussion of Juvenile crime statistics is usually centered on the possible causes of the high rate of crimes committed by minors. The causes once found should make addressing and solving the issue of delinquency easier. The demand for these statistics is, therefore, on the increase as public concern rises. Consequently, some police departments and juvenile courts Read More

Juvenile delinquency statistics – What they reflect

Juvenile delinquency usually refers to juvenile offenders of the law. Anyone under the age of 18 who commits a crime is considered a juvenile. This person is usually referred to as a delinquent and is detained in a youth detention center separate from the population of convicted adults. Statistics for 2013 now indicate that there Read More

Is it illegal to post mug shots online?

In the year 2009, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that the total number of arrests amounted to approximately 13,687,241. Within the four years that have passed since that time there have been several reports detailing that the figure has continued to increase. From these statistics, it is easy to conclude that over 14 million Read More

Six questions frequently asked about mug shots

By definition, mug shots are photographs of a person’s face used in police records. Once these pictures are taken during the arrest process they become public records. Many of these photos end up online for viewing by the millions of people who access the Internet on a daily basis. Several questions arise in the minds of Read More

How To Erase your Public mug shots

It is common knowledge that once a person gets arrested, two photographs popularly known as mug shots are taken. These photos help facilitate the completion of a process that police officials must undergo with each detainee. This process is as important as the reading of the Miranda rights. Since arrest records are considered public, individuals Read More

How to Access New York Mug Shots

In the state of New York, once an officer has probable cause, witnessed a crime, or has a warrant for arrest, he can legally incarcerate an individual. While conducting the arrest, he must make individuals aware of their Miranda rights. These rights give the arrested the privilege of remaining silent and having an attorney.   Read More

How to get your mug shots removed in Philadelphia

Having your mug shot circulating online is not a good thing since it can damage your reputation and affect the way you conduct your business and personal affairs. That arrest can continue to be a thorn for the rest of your life and can put a damp on your permanent record. The projected result on Read More