How to access Crime Data

Crime is secretive in nature and as such crime data is usually inaccurate because of the effort that is put in to keep these activities a secret, by the offender and in a few cases the victim as well. Not all crimes that are committed are reported. For whatever reason, an individual may find it easier to not Read More

Finding the Best Criminal Justice Programs

With a degree in criminal justice individuals can pursue so many different careers in the local, state, and federal government departments. Interestingly, doing this degree does not limit individuals to the public sector but also provides the opportunity to work in the private sector as well. Many universities and community colleges offer criminal justice programs. Read More

Statistics compiled by the Department of Justice

Data on the criminal justice system is available to the general public on various government websites. The United States Department of Justice, which is sometimes called the Justice Department for short, is responsible for the administration of justice and law enforcement. This department has the Attorney General at the helm.   The Department of Justice Read More

Criminal Justice Statistics – Reflection of the Justice System

All over the world there are laws which govern the operations of the various countries including their attitudes towards crime and other illegal activities. In the US there has been a classification of criminal activities – felonies, misdemeanors and infractions. This classification is used to distinguish each other and usually dictates the seriousness of the Read More

What Drug Arrests Statistics Tells You

You may have heard about drugs on the TV and seen its glorification in some movies. A book or a magazine may have showed a different tale. Or maybe it is just a little closer than one would like to imagine and suddenly what you saw and heard was nothing compared to what you now Read More

Does drug dependency contributed to drug related crimes?

As many different countries tries to stabilize or reduce their crime rate, many studies were carried out to determine the factors that are contributing to crime. There are multiple factors that contribute to the upward spiral of the crime rate with any country. Statistics shows that drug use, distribution, and trafficking are some of the Read More

Assessing – Drug statistics by state

It is a fact that every state has different level of drug related problems. Some of which are attributed to the laws they are govern by and some due their location. Never the less, the problem of drug is one that plague the entire nation.  There are several problems that society is faced with due Read More

Marijuana related arrests in the United States

Marijuana is a drug from the cannabis family. It has a large amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which scientific research has blamed for the “high” that marijuana users obtain when they introduce the substance to their body. In addition to its psychoactive ability which contributes widely to it been used as a recreational drug, marijuana is Read More