Can reduction in drug related crime affect your community?

Drug related Crime has various negative consequences to your community such as loss of life, absentee parents, overcrowding of jails and prison, depopulation of cities and poverty, but these negative consequences can be limited if proper actions are taken to reduce the statistics on drug related crimes, which are: Results from the Uniform Crime Reporting Read More

The effects of drug crime statistic in the Country

Drug use has been an issue in the United States since the effects are very serious and ultimately lead to crime. Drugs affect your mental capabilities and whenever you are unable to acquire that drug you will do anything even if it’s criminal in nature to get that drug.   The Drug crime statistics in Read More

Drug crime laws in America

Countries such as the United States of America have long since realized the constant increase of Federal drug crimes as well as those committed at the state level. There has been constant increase in the number of drug related cases that are brought to court annually. Additionally they must protect their borders and ports from Read More

What are Federal drug crimes?

Cases are judged at two levels in America, the federal and the state level. Normally most crimes are prosecuted under state criminal law. US law defines federal crimes as ones that are considered illegal based on the stipulations of federal legislation such crimes include bank robbery, tax evasion, counterfeiting and aircraft high jacking. These crimes Read More

Effects of drug use and crime

Using or being convicted of a drug related felonies can have several adverse effects on an individual’s physical being as well as their future.  Often time individuals do not recognize the repercussions of such activity until they end up in some sort of trouble. It is therefore imperative that individuals are informed regarding the toll Read More

Carroll County Expungement – DUIs and other Criminal Records

Expunge laws may differ from one county to another, however, in most instances individuals must review state laws, as the stipulations for eligibility as well as the correct authority and officials are entrenched in these laws rather than the ones developed in individual counties. Another aspect of clearing public records that might be confusing to Read More

How to Expunge a DUI

What does Expungement mean? To get a DUI erased from your record is possible in many states. The process to do this will be different from state to state. There are attorneys that specialize in expunging criminal convictions, but they charge a lot of money. Contact your area court house or public defender to insure Read More

Expungement of Records is Possible – Here is How

When you consider getting an expungement of your records, duration for the whole process comes to mind. The expungenment of criminal records entails the re-opening of a case file and changing the individual’s status from to dismissed, without guilt. The primary condition in many states to apply is that you should be a first-time offender Read More

What to Expect with Expungement in Texas

Like every other state, Texas has its own set of rules and regulations that decides who qualifies for the procedure of expungement in Texas. The chance to live a normal life is everyone’s right even for people who have been charged with a petty crime. While a person may easily build a whole new image Read More

Are Expunged Records Visible to the Public?

Citizens can get their criminal records expunged or removed by filing a petition in the court. There are different criteria for filing a petition to seal or remove criminal records in every state. For instance, in Florida, a ‘Certificate of Eligibility‘ from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement needs to be submitted before filing a Read More

Expunged Felony – How Can it Make a Difference

A Felony is regarded as a serious offense. The majority of  states unintentionally impose limitations on Felons by making their record accessible to anyone. In terms of the public interest, it is important for employers, schools, and other organizations to know about the criminal history of individuals but, for some people, the judgements rendered can Read More

Expunge your Records – Felonies and Misdemeanors

The expunge definition is recorded as erasing or removing criminal records from the public domain. In other words, expunging a criminal record can provide an opportunity, or better said, a solution to a problem many people in this country face. Usually, smaller crimes like a misdemeanor can be expunged. A misdemeanor is a lesser crime, Read More

Important Basics to Expunge Criminal Records

Committing a crime can change the life of a person into an ocean of difficulties. Living the rest of the life after a crime is the biggest punishment. You might feel bleak and deserted. But once on educating yourself about the mistake, you have an opportunity to conceal the black mark. Probably, seeking a method Read More

Procedures to Expunge a Record with Ease

Every hour of every day a crime takes place somewhere in the US. Every offense has a punishment carried out by the legislative arms of the nation. The primary duty of law enforcement is to reduce the number of crimes  that take place and uphold the constitutional rights of every individual. In many occasions though, Read More