The importance of drug addiction statistics

The use, abuse and addiction of harmful substances are a real problem that is on the increase. Drug addiction statistics are very important in helping officials to find solutions to an increasing problem for many individuals. It plays a major part in developing strategies to combat this disease. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Read More

Drug usage statistics in America

There are severe consequences for drug addiction. It not only affects the individual but the society in general. Drug usage statistics forms a large part of the research efforts that are being made to address this addiction to better treat individuals. Children living in homes where drugs are present are at high risk of becoming Read More

What do you know about drug violence statistics?

The use of drugs has certainly had a negative impact on the society. It is the cause for numerous crimes that destroys the lives of many families. Drug violence statistics indicates that the economy looses billions of dollars due to the negative impact of crimes associated with drug use. Drug addiction is a serious problem Read More

Get Your Life Back On Track With Ohio Expungement

All of us have committed at least one mistake in our lives. However, a mistake that involved starting a criminal record can jeopardize a lot of opportunities from life. Just having your name in the criminal records will create a black mark on your reputation and can chase you wherever you go. Whether you were acquitted Read More

Recent Amendments to Ohio Expungement Law

Expungement is the legal process of removing criminal records from law enforcement databases. Such records are capable of having detrimental effects on the lives of those offenders whose names they bear. The effects are usually associated with difficulty in accessing jobs, housing facilities, licenses, financial aid, and other privileges that are deemed important in life.   Read More

All You Need to Know about Georgia Expungement Law

Laws are implemented as a means of governing the legal matters of a particular state as well as the country in general. They are used to ensure that order is maintained at all times without the introduction of injustice or discrimination. These regulations are not only beneficial to guide law abiding citizens, but also those Read More

Expungement Misdemeanor Opens More Opportunities

Expunging a record is a fairly easy process. All it calls for is the urge to rectify your ways, a couple of documents, and a fair bit of patience. Crimes are generally classified into two, each of which requires expungement: misdemeanor and felony. Felonies are slightly more serious in comparison to misdemeanors and hence every Read More