Variations of DUI Expungement

When a crime is committed, there are punishments and charges imposed on an individual. Also, soon after completing a sentence successfully, a trial period is ordered by the court to keep a watch on the convict’s activities.  Additional offenses committed during a probation period prohibit the chances of expunging a criminal record. While Driving under Read More

How Can I Expunge My Record?

As human beings, we are all vulnerable to making grave mistakes at least once in our lifetimes. The majority of us, however, don’t get affected by the mistake in the long run. We manage to get past our mistakes with nothing more than a lesson in life and perhaps a reprimand from our elders. However, Read More

Expunge Definition and Procedures – Explained

These days, most people are beginning to seek ways of expunging their criminal records. When you are arrested for a criminal offense, be it for driving under influence, petty theft or even painting graffiti on public property, an arrest record is made regardless of whether you are charged or not for the offense. Sometimes, you Read More

Expungement NJ, Your Ticket to Freedom!

If you are someone with a criminal document attached to your background, it can make life more difficult. It goes without saying that most people, from a prospective employer to a bank manager, will make a background check on you before entrusting you with something. When they find your criminal record, employers and banks won’t Read More

Expungement in Ohio: Explained

If you have a criminal record, life be more difficult to manage. Even if you wish to move on with your life and forget about the black mark on your record, it will inevitably follow you wherever you go. From prospective employers to housing agents, from bank managers to financiers, most will reconsider accepting your Read More

Expungement in Illinois: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an Illinois citizen with a criminal record, you may be ineligible for certain basic rights. You might not be eligible for certain jobs, take out a credit card, or, depending on the severity of your conviction, even get a license. Increasingly, government and private companies are beginning to conduct background checks on Read More

All About Criminal Record Expungement

Certainly, a peaceful life is all one wants on Earth. Being labeled a criminal is like enabling every hint of insolence and every crime is followed by a dreadful punishment. You can never undo your mistake, however realizing it and taking steps to conceal the criminal trace from private sources is necessary. Once you expunge Read More

Possiblities of California DUI Expungement

Many might not be aware of the fact that California has a different set of laws and legislative summaries to address crimes and misdemeanors. California’s stricter laws for the section of intoxicated driving or DUI paves a better way to get things under control. A California DUI expungement is still possible with application of certain Read More

Expungement for 1 in 25 Americans Related News: Drug War, New York City, Crime, Stop And Frisk, Criminal Justice, Racial Profiling, The Agitator, War On Drugs, Politics News We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about mass incarceration, the stop-and-frisk policies in New York, reforming the drug laws, and mandatory minimum sentencing. There’s also been discussion about over-criminalization — that Read More

Your Records Cleared with Laws of Expungement in PA

Everyone has committed a mistake at some point of time. But for some, the mistakes they made long in school and college continue to chase them to this present day. They weren’t concerned with getting a job, bank loan or anything at that time. But now, with the conviction in their pocket, most opportunities are Read More

Eligibility to Expunge Record – Explained

Thanks to the internet, our criminal records are out there for anyone to view. For instance, it would have just been a traffic violation or a parking ticket issued in our name. Yet, it may stand in the way of our job prospects, buying a new home, or even starting a new business. Our credibility Read More

What is an Expunged Record?

The benefits of clearing past convictions and arrests are many. They range from being able to obtain professional licenses, getting employment, voting rights at the state, county and national levels, social benefits like being entitled to food allowance, medical benefits like insurance, permission to apply for home loans and much more. It helps you lead Read More

Benefits of Texas Expungement and How to Get It

People in Texas that have criminal records can get them expunged from their public history. A Texas expungement can be easily done without much effort. To expunge record, you must apply for it at the court where you tried and convicted (or discharged). Before you do so, make sure you are aware of Texas record Read More