Learn How to Seal Record and Clean Up Your History

If you have ever been arrested, you can clean up your criminal history by filing to seal your records. Sealing your records will destroy it physically from all sources and hence you would be completely clean. However, the federal bodies can still see your records. There are also certain circumstances in which a sealed record Read More

Learn How Do You Get Your Criminal Record Expunged

Some criminal records can be expunged under federal law so that people who were once convicted of a crime may get a chance to live a normal life again. Before attempting to remove your records you must first learn how do you get your criminal record expunged because there are various complexities associated with it. Read More

For Every Crime, There is an Expungement Cost!

An expungement of a criminal record is an investment for your future. It protects your reputation, preventing your convictions and other records from coming out in the open. Just like any other investment like a medical, property or a house insurance, and other financial investments, expunging your criminal past is equally important for safeguarding your Read More

How to Expunge DUI in California

California law allows for those convicted of a DUI offense to expunge their record. Many people with a DUI on their record will find it hard to gain employment or may lose a job as a result of the offense. Anyone looking to obtain a government-issued license will find it difficult with a DUI offense Read More

Make Expungement of Felony Easier

While it is impossible to completely relive your past and undo your mistakes, you can do something to remove the criminal charges filed on you. This is called expunction. Expunging your criminal records means that you are free of guilt and your criminal history is clear for when someone runs a background check on you. Read More

How To Clear Speeding tickets Off Your Record

Traffic violations are on the rise in this country – a very dangerous and expensive norm. It’s partially the result of bad driving habits aided and abetted by carelessness, immaturity and intoxication. The simple mistake of having speeding ticket may cost you hundreds of dollars more on insurance premiums and additional points added to your Read More

How to Expunge Arrest Records

Even if you were released the very same day of an arrest, record of the arrest will still appear in your criminal history, which could mean trouble for you in the future. It may not get in your way immediately, but once you get a background check, it will reveal that you were arrested. Therefore, Read More

I Want my Felony Gone: Why Expungement Is Necessary

The process of expungement is not available for everybody. If you’ve been charged and proven guilty of a serious crime, you will most likely not be able to get your criminal record cleaned. However, under certain circumstances, some felonies can be removed from your record. The first thing you should do is get in touch Read More

How to Get Expunged and Start Fresh

The first step in answering “how to get expunged” is to find out whether you are eligible. This is important because you don’t want to file for expungement and pay the fees only to realize that you couldn’t have even gotten it in the first place. A successful expungement depends on: The number and nature Read More

How to Clear a Record of All Criminal Blemishes

Thousands of people have missed out on public benefits because of their past run-ins with the police. Job opportunities, loans, government assistance, and a lot more can be jeopardized if it is find out that you’ve been on the wrong side of the law. And failing to mention your criminal past could also get you Read More

A Definitive Guide to Record Expunge

Expungement in the United States is the process of removing the criminal records in an individual’s public record. To remove one’s criminal records, the involved party needs to file for expungement with the court that delivered the verdict on their reported crime. The word arises from the English word ‘expunge’ and means ‘removal of something.’ Read More