How to Expunge Your Criminal Record?

For someone living with a criminal record against their name, it becomes very difficult to walk away from the stained identity and make a fresh start. A criminal record makes it nearly impossible for individuals pursuing employment to get good job opportunities or to be granted loans. The stigma of the criminal record will follow Read More

The Importance of Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged

Everyone makes mistakes, at least once in a while, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be looked down upon. The stigma of having an arrest or conviction record against your name can make it difficult for you to find housing, seek employment opportunities and obtain grants for school. Fortunately, there is a legal procedure Read More

All You Want to Know About Expungement in Maryland

Expungement is the legal procedure of clearing up your criminal record from the public eye. The process involves the reopening of a criminal case, dismissal of conviction, and again closing the case after conviction. The net effect is that the person is not considered a criminal anymore. Record expungement in Maryland also implies that the Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Misdemeanor Expungement

More and more employers are conducting thorough background verification checks to ensure that the candidates applying for jobs do not have any criminal record against their names. The growth of the Internet has made it easier for employers, next door neighbors and even friends to do a simple background check. A criminal record will certainly Read More

What are the Ways to Expunge Arrest Records?

Usually, when punishments are given to a conviction, the time period and the intensity of the charge depend on the conviction. Many individuals who commit convictions aren’t aware of the consequences that an arrest can actually bring. Actually, an arrest can damage the identity of the individual and make you ineligible for certain public benefits. Read More

Things You Should Know About PA Expungement

Every mistake you make creates a permanent mark on your life. You can strongly foresee a future of uncertainty and blocked opportunities. Anywhere you go, a criminal record has a stronger voice than any of your attributes. For instance, if you apply for a job, the employer performs a procedure called a background check. He Read More

A Detailed Analysis About Expungement in NJ

Expungement is one of the most popular legislative practices to hide a criminal record, and many convicts prefer to opt for it. However, expungement is not available for every convict. It is to be understood that the odds of expunging or hiding a criminal record depend on the type of crime committed. There are deviations Read More

Legal Procedures to Get Your Felony Expunged

Expungement of a felony is not as difficult as you would think. There is no doubt that the felony record will harm your reputation, but there are legal procedures to get a felony expunged. Once you follow them, you can get your records erased.

Expunge a Felony, The Need of the Hour!

Having a clean record has become inevitable for any person wanting to lead a normal life. It is an obstacle when you want to move ahead in life to a good opportunity, but it slips out of your hand just because of your past felony records. It only gets worse if you had to serve Read More

Get Your Life Back on Track with Federal Expungement

It doesn’t matter if you were acquitted or convicted, just having your name in the database with every accusation and charge maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, gets your professional life into a great dilemma. Also having a criminal record will wipe out the opportunities for a good job, bank loan or insurance. Your Read More

With Laws of Expungement in Oklahoma Helps You Have a Fresh Start!

Expungement Procedures in Oklahoma If you are one among the thousands of Oklahomans with a past criminal indiscretion haunting them for years, then you have way out of it. An arrest record can have serious negative repercussions on your career, educational goals, insurance, loan opportunities and even your personal life. Whether you were convicted or Read More

Sealing and Expunging Records of Criminal Offenses

An act of foolishness could have resulted in a criminal record. Though you wish to forget the distasteful incident and move on with life, the record holds on to your reputation! For example, employers and landlords often run background checks on you before employing or taking you in as a tenant. They can easily have Read More